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Coming from a small city in North Carolina, one thing I absolutely love about the Atlanta area, is that there’s pretty much always something to do, especially in the summer, summer, summer tiiime oouuu summer tiiime, right?!? I mean if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, wouldn’t you agree?!? And I’m not just talking about the endless club scene, but there’s seriously a lot here to offer for people of all ages.

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So since Memorial Day weekend is literally in a few days (doing a dance for my extended 3 day weekend), I thought I would share a blog post of some things on my upcoming weekend to do list.

  1. First let’s get started with the Atlanta Jazz Festival which takes place here right in Piedmont Park. Okay seriously if you’ve never heard of or attended this event, do yourself a favor and put it on your list of to-do’s. This event is for ALL ages, kids and adults, it’s a weekend long event, and it’s… FREE99! Honestly if you’re just looking to do something super chill, for free, and you wanna jazz Friday – Sunday, you totally could! There’s retail and food vendors available, and great music! But if you’re like me and my friends, we pack up our favorite finger foods, a few adult beverages preferably a red wine or whiskey (water too- gotta stay hydrated), our picnic blankets and lawn chairs and honey we lay out. It’s such good clean fun! Oh and the great thing is that there’s 40 Days of Jazz events leading up to this big event. So if you want to, you can try those out as well! I think this will be my 4th year in attendance and it’s been a must almost every year.
  2. Next up Bonfire ATL, an event that takes place every Sunday here at Murphy Park in the heart of Atlanta at 10:00pm. This is a BYOB event which means 21 and up. It also costs for entry and parking, but tickets are between $5-10 for entry and $30 for parking if you pay online. That’s not bad if you have 2-4 people riding along because y’all can split the cost. There’s food, a DJ, always a live performance(s), and good energy from all different backgrounds. It’s an inside and outside venue so you’re free to mingle and connect with other creatives and taste-makers in a pretty big space. Yes, there’s also a real bonfire going too. They even have a skateboard area for you to get your skateboard on if you want. Now I’ve only been to this event once because it’s on normally on Sunday nights, which is considered a “school night” for me (lol) but it’s a pretty cool event. Again, it’s just good clean fun, definitely not your typical pretentious Atlanta environment!
  3.  When all else fails, head to Trader Joe’s for that 2 buck chuck 3 buck chuck wine, (because I feel like the price went up lol), grab your favorite meal, throw on some music or your favorite show, call a few friends over or not if you enjoy your solitude, and enjoy yourself and the weekend! Let me tell you, I love doing things like this. It’s cost friendly, fun, and again safe! Can’t beat that!
  4. Extended weekends are also great for wrapping up those unfinished projects or putting extra time into your personal passion projects

Welp there you have it! Those are a few of my favs and events I’m looking forward to for the upcoming extended weekend. So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, whether you’re an Atlanta resident or looking for a quick weekend getaway, those are a few of my recommendations.

As always I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know how you’re spending your extended 3-day weekend! Also, if you enjoyed the post and found it to be helpful, do me a favor by liking and sharing it.



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