A Lecture by Angela Y. Davis at Spelman College

Courtesy of Pinterest

Hey Y’all! Welcome to my very first “Adventures of Atlanta” post where I’m super excited to break the ice with my visit to Sisters Chapel on the campus of Spelman College right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I thought it’d be pretty cool to share on the birth date of myself and Ms. Davis. So, Happy Birthday to us!

As promised, I came up with a blog post about my visit to hear Ms. Davis at Spelman College last week. First let me start off by saying, being on Spelman’s campus and seeing all the beautiful black women come out to hear the amazing Angela Davis’ lecture, about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King was soooo empowering. It was a feeling all by itself, separate from the reason I was on the campus. I loved every bit of it. It was super nostalgic and made me miss and wanna do college all over again. While I’m at it, shout out to everybody who’s a proud product of an HBCU.✊🏾 Continue reading “A Lecture by Angela Y. Davis at Spelman College”