Tea+Talk Brunch with Souk Bo’hēmian and EatHereAtl

Hey y’all! I’m back with a new adventure post! So you guys know my whole purpose surrounding the adventures of Atlanta blog posts are to highlight events/things to do in Atlanta apart from the typical “party scene.”

With that being said, this past Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the first Souk Bo’hēmian and EatHereAtl Tea+Talk Brunch curated by Morgan Ashley and Vanessa Coore. You probably know them on instagram as @oaklanta and @thebazaarbohemian.

Y’all! Let me tell you, anytime I can get together with a group of creatives and connect, I. Am. All. There! Honestly, I had no idea of what to expect but I left the Tea+Talk event very, very pleased and with a full spirit. These ladies and their team did an outstanding job! You could tell they put a lot of thought into our experience for the event. The decor was great and the location, perfect; right outside at the Just Add Honey Tea Company. I mean even the music set an ambiance as though you were out of town in some foreign country, when in fact we were right in the heart of Atlanta, right on Edgewood avenue. Continue reading “Tea+Talk Brunch with Souk Bo’hēmian and EatHereAtl”

Weekend Loading….

Coming from a small city in North Carolina, one thing I absolutely love about the Atlanta area, is that there’s pretty much always something to do, especially in the summer, summer, summer tiiime oouuu summer tiiime, right?!? I mean if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, wouldn’t you agree?!? And I’m not just talking about the endless club scene, but there’s seriously a lot here to offer for people of all ages.

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A Lecture by Angela Y. Davis at Spelman College

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Hey Y’all! Welcome to my very first “Adventures of Atlanta” post where I’m super excited to break the ice with my visit to Sisters Chapel on the campus of Spelman College right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I thought it’d be pretty cool to share on the birth date of myself and Ms. Davis. So, Happy Birthday to us!

As promised, I came up with a blog post about my visit to hear Ms. Davis at Spelman College last week. First let me start off by saying, being on Spelman’s campus and seeing all the beautiful black women come out to hear the amazing Angela Davis’ lecture, about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King was soooo empowering. It was a feeling all by itself, separate from the reason I was on the campus. I loved every bit of it. It was super nostalgic and made me miss and wanna do college all over again. While I’m at it, shout out to everybody who’s a proud product of an HBCU.✊🏾 Continue reading “A Lecture by Angela Y. Davis at Spelman College”